Personal Training + Physical Therapy = Sustainable Results

All AFI services are provided by Doctors of Physical Therapy, who are movement and exercise specialists, trained to develop your musculoskeletal health and fitness no matter what level you are at. By training with AFI, you can better live a long and healthy life, be strong and fit, perform at your best, and achieve the physique you desire. 

Benefits of our DPT trainers:

  • Doctoral-level education, with post doctoral certifications and training 

  • Extensive clinical experience treating and training people of all levels return to highly function 

  • Experts in human movement 

  • Experts in overcoming injury, pain, and disability, restoring optimal function and health 

  • Experts in tissue development: muscular strength, connective tissue resilience, neuromuscular activation and motor control

  • Ability to perform hands-on manual techniques to assist your body in healing, pain alleviation, and improving mobility

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The Achilles Story

After years of treating injured patients, I saw that many of them could have prevented their injury if they had received adequate training to properly develop good movement mechanics and resilient musculature, connective tissues, and bones. In the current health and fitness world, training programs typically do not evaluate and develop these tissues, or ensure good mechanics, which can result in pain, injury, and eventual decline of activity. Many of you train through old, nagging pains and injuries that can easily be addressed with a detailed examination and the right dose of manual therapy, mobility work, strength training, and movement retraining. 

I have created a hybrid method of fitness training that incorporates my understanding of human movement mechanics, tissue injury, healing, and motor development. My promise to you is that I will help you reach your goals by finding your weakness and making it a strength. You will experience fitness training like never before.