I had my knee replaced in October of 2018. Since I waited so long to have the procedure done, I had a lot of muscle imbalances that needed to be addressed. I had heard from a friend that Luke was the guy to go to and boy was she right. Luke was able to help me overcome some horrible scar tissue problems and give me exercises that not only helped me recover but helped me get back to proper alignment. I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer, and Luke helped me get back to doing what I love. I highly recommend Luke for corrective exercise work and injury recovery.

Lisa K. 
Fitness Coach

Mike P. 

Strength Coach

Message therapist

I worked in the gym next door to where Luke was administering physical therapy. As a strength & conditioning coach and massage therapist, it was extremely evident to me how knowledgeable and skilled Luke is! His ability to strategically isolate, test, and conclude what was going on with me was very impressive. Following treatment, he would give me his exercise and stretching recommendations that would eventually lead me to pain-free movement! Luke has helped me with my shoulders, hip, and knee; he’s been my go-to guy since the beginning! If you want results, Luke is the man!

I worked with Luke at our physical therapy clinic in California before his move to Idaho.  Although I’ve been blessed to not deal with any serious injuries myself, Luke was still an incredible resource for me as I sought to elevate my fitness level.  I am looking to go into a personal training career myself, and would consult Luke on the powerlifting-centric programs I would create for myself.  His expertise was extremely valuable.  He added in variations and movements that would challenge my strengths and shore up my weaknesses.  He is also a blast to be around - every day you work with Luke is going to be a great day!

Kyle C. 

BS Kinesiology


Taylor C.

BS Kinesiology

Track & Field Athlete

The key to any athlete’s success is surrounding themselves with a great team outside of your  sport; physical therapists, doctors, massage therapists, etc. As a middle distance track & field athlete in the HOKA One One Olympic Development program, I have been able to elevate my training to a national level while under Luke’s tutelage. His cerebral approach to performance enhancement and injury prevention fosters an excitement in an athlete to progress through his program and see what he has waiting in your next phase of the training program. Quite honestly I’m not sure what I look forward to more, the workout or just hanging out with Luke!



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