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Drone-Based Motion Capture & Video Analysis

A revolutionary approach to injury prevention, recovery, movement analysis, and performance enhancement. We are the only clinic in Idaho offering this cutting edge physical therapy and sports enhancement technique, bringing new insights catered specifically to the trail running community.

Using drone imagery collected by Dr. Sarah Hoffmann (PhD, Biomechanics), we capture footage of an athlete in their natural environment. From this, we can view and diagnose movement dysfunctions that are the root cause of tissue breakdown, pain, and poor performance. Dr. Luke Phillips (PT, DPT, OCS) further examines specific weaknesses, mobility deficits, and other impairments that cause these movement errors. Based on these analyses, he provides an individualized treatment and training program that involves manual therapy and exercise training to improve strength, endurance, mobility, and coordination. In other words, we help you find your weakness and make it a strength. 

The Achilles Fitness Institute approach to treatment and training eliminates the guesswork that is so common in the health and fitness field today. We get to the root of the issue and treat it so that you can experience lasting benefits, not just a quick fix or pain-relieving modality. 

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