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Athlete Development


To help athletes optimize their performance and more safely compete in their sport.

Our goal is to build robust athletes who move well and have the structural strength to withstand the demands of their sport. 

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Why Train with AFI?

  1. Your development is our focus.

  2. No gimmicks. No guesswork. No wasted effort.

  3. We offer the highest level of strength and conditioning catered to youth athletes. 

  4. Our program is designed, updated, and run by Doctors of Physical Therapy who are also Specialists in Orthopedics and Strength & Conditioning

  5. You will learn how to safely train hard, gain muscle, get stronger, and move better

DB RDL.jpg
Weightlifting exercises
Train This
Image by Chris Chow
So you Can do This

Our System

1. Connect: Jump on a phone consultation with one of our DPTs to briefly discuss your goals, training level, and injury history.

2. Evaluate: Schedule an in-person evaluation to assess your individual needs.

3. Train: We create an individualized, sport-specific training program for you, which you perform under our supervision during our athlete training hours.

Interested in Training w/ AFI
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