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Reach your health and performance goals through one-on-one, doctorate-level strength & conditioning. Your DPT will help you develop your tissue health, mobility, strength, speed, endurance, power, and motor control, while addressing any pain or discomfort along the way. You can overcome any barrier and reach your goals!

Lifting Weights
Indivdual Session
Facility Member


Gone are the days of boring, ineffective rehabilitation. Too often patients let themselves go while recovering from an injury, resulting in full-body deconditioning and poor recovery. With AFI, you will receive cutting-edge treatment for your injuries. We optimize your recovery by providing full-body fitness training, ensuring that your body is in a healthy state to heal well and recover at a high level of function. 

Recovery Session

Remote Programming

We can bring AFI to you! Receive individual training or injury recovery in the comfort of your own gym or home. Do you prefer a screen over an in-person trainer? We offer individualized programming through our online platform. 

Home Fitness
Small Group Session
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